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Logo Animation in the recent years have evolved as a major source of a company‘s image building process. A company with an effective animated logo can help a brand to raise business in an organized manner. Still there are companies who are yet to take the benefits of such processes.

2D Logo Animations is a set of images that can be viewed in a sequential basis in a very quick time. Such graphical representation can create an illusion in the image movement. Such types of techniques are considered to be one of the oldest none the less a very effective medium to depict images. 2D logo animation has helped to simulate actions and movements in a very creative and dynamic format providing the user a realistic experience altogether.

The 2D Logo Animation production Stages includes:

  • Pre-Production (Storyboard, Designing, Backgrounds)
  • Colored Background
  • Key Animations
  • Clean-Up and In-between
  • Post -Production (Music composing, Animation Compilation, Special Effects)
  • 2D Animated Movies

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