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Television is considered amongst the most powerful formats of advertising, the safest, and perhaps the best alternative to reach audience effectively. Though it may not look competitive enough when it is compared to the recent Internet advertising techniques as it may not make an instant sale like search engine advertising, none the less it strongly influences customers and slowly persuades the target market in short span of time. It gives us plenty of reasons to think about why to have dynamic channel profiles up and running as soon as possible.

In short, channel profile is the video presentation of identity for particularly TV channels. Channel Presentation may include 2d, 3d logo animation etc. depending upon the specific requirements. Channel profile requires high-end graphics and it can be done using real footage. GM has the team of expert to create dynamic profiles by using 3dmax, after effects, Adobe Premier, Sound editing software, VFx etc. From ideas generation and overall management to production and completion, our creative team works hard to convey messages to your target audience in a best possible manner.

Benefits of creating a Channel Profiles:

  • Creates richer connections through videos and conveys messages more effectively.
  • Share aspects of your work beyond your core message.
  • Drives more target audience
  • TV presence to attract better/ bigger audience
  • Creates profile awareness or a profile image

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