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Sketching may look simple but to sketch a single character a designer may have to do several sketches before a decision maker is impressed.

Today with the accessibility of high tech premium programs and new software designing tools a designer can exhibit freely their creative ideas to create symmetrical and proportionally correct characters.

The final sketches of a designer get translated straight from the computer to a fabrication stage, and it goes through various procedure before the character is brought to life.

Whether you need a new character created for your company mascot or need sketching expertise, our designing team can help to produce the right look using the latest tools to produce the very best Character Sketching.

Gateway artists have extensive experience in creating sketches and characters from scratch for various companies worldwide. Using freehand, manual painting or digital techniques, our artists can come up with some of the best creative and innovative sketches and characters of your imagination. Our team can also bring digital illustrations to life as Flash animations or embed them into the website design.

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