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The word documentary was coined in early part of 20th century and is considered as one of the most challenging form of filmmaking that often stirs up controversies. Over the years, documentaries have been credited throughout history for having a huge impact on our social and cultural life.

Documentary films as the name implies, are a very popular art form. Such films often referred to as a life-story based on real facts about an era, person or persons, company, city, country, etc. It comprises of an extensive research work about the particular subject including compilation of the raw video footage, computer graphics, music and sound effects.

GM over the years has propelled their expertise particularly in the editing part of any documentary films. It has been using specialized editing setup such as Adobe Premier, after effects, Photoshop, Sound forge and other software depending upon the requirements. The length of the documentaries varies from 10min. to 1hr. depends upon the subject matter and its complexities.

Research and Evaluates

  • Designs and plans according to company‚Äôs needs
  • Provide the best Visual, sound impact and designing
  • Cost effective and no compromise over quality
  • Innovative improvisation
  • Professional designing team
  • Unlimited changes until client satisfaction

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