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Computer Based Trainings-CBT is a commonly used buzzword in the corporate world. With the use of CBT, one can save their time and energy and can achieve higher productivity. It offers CBT solutions for different requirements from product information, orientation programs to sales and management trainings. This training can be on CD ROM/VCD/DVD or web based depending on requirements. Our approach towards creating CBTs is quite different from creating routine multimedia presentations. It studies the requirements from shop floor to top level management and makes it productive by all means.


e-Catalogues are one of the necessary tools to participate in e-marketplaces. An E-catalogue generally contains text and graphic details of the specification, price and availability of products being offered by manufacturer/ suppliers. GM offers a number of different e-Catalogue options to suit your business needs, which contains a customized list of products and pricing unique to each buying organization.

Non-Interactive Multimedia Presentation

Gateway has designed and developed good number of self-running presentations in Non-Interactive mode. These presentations are just like documentary film on CDs. Since it's a presentation in continuous mode, special treatment is required to make it as interesting as possible.

Production processes and methodologies are same as developing a documentary film. Background music and voice over are especially dubbed and composed depending on the requirements. Videos, flash animations can be embedded to make it more effective and interesting. Project presentations, training programs, corporate presentations and such type modules are examples of Non-Interactive multimedia. Our multimedia designers and marketing professionals work closely to give shape to such type of presentations to make it more effective and commercially successful.

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