We Serve:

Pre Production

GM provides comprehensive pre-production services like conceptualization, visualization, story boarding and content management. It strongly believes in perfecting pre-production exercise in order to have seaming less operation in Production and post-production activities. Our creative professionals develops creative and innovative concept, which are unique in its own.


Appropriate and practical visualization of a creative concept requires good amount of experience and skills. It requires through understanding of production and post-production activities and know how of processes and insight understanding of limitations and capabilities of man and machine.


Developing a concept for any creation is a base of a good production. We are proud in claming our self for creating attractive and innovative concepts for animation films, corporate presentations, corporate presentations, and print media.

Story boarding

Storyboard is a very important element for producing any animation production. The storyboard lays out the sequence of events with artist's images. This aids the animators, director, and clients to have a better visualization of the concept. The flow of a movie can be seen by viewing the storyboard. This makes it easier for the animators to visualize scenes. Our artists take great efforts in making a storyboard more interesting and visually rich, to make it viable for the client to see the final output in as realistic manner as possible.

Content management

Dedicated and professional Script Writers are a part of our core multimedia production team. They are the ones who give words to the graphic work with their proficient writing for different media like interactive presentations, animation films and web media.

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