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Today mobile gaming has evolved amongst the most fascinating forms of gaming formats. Nowadays people have various options to choose from their preferred mobile games. The common ones are:

  • Embedded games: Games pre-installed on the mobile handset
  • SMS based games: Games played by sending text messages
  • Browser games: Games built in Net browser, either in online or offline mode

The purpose of mobile phones is not just limited for making calls but it has now gone beyond, especially for youths. Today gaming has turned into a massive industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Since Nokia launched Snake on its handsets in 1997, the experts envisaged that in years to come people would pay hefty sums of money to play games on their cell phones. It seems that their prediction has been proved right as more people are being hooked to mobile games.

GM is one of the few Online Gaming development company to put a mobile interface to the current web portal's games. Our Mobile Gaming technology allows cell phone and PDA users to play against other mobile technologies or sitting with PCs linked up through a regular internet connection. This cross-platform application "lets people play anytime, anywhere and on any device."

Use of portable game technology enables the application to run on unique delivery platforms including the Internet, home or network computers, or even support new wireless technologies and PDA's. In addition, the extensive game servers make unlimited number of concurrent users to access the online game system.

The exclusive feature of customization of the gaming software to meet respective business needs, including Instant-Play or Downloadable games for single as well as multiple players, for PC and Mobile users, bring forth our unique team expertise.

GM develops gaming software in the following Technologies:

  • Java
  • Flash
  • J2EE
  • VC++
  • C++

Few Mobile Gaming designed by us:

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