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Since its inception the company has provided support to over 70 companies in the business of software product development. Over the years it has come up with cost effective, value added solutions to software product companies in their overall product management process, right from the conceptualization to promotion of the product stages.

Innovative ideas, constant research combined with incredible expertise of researchers backed by unprecedented innovation in technologies, products and business models can save significant amounts of time and money in search for product management solutions. Gateway’s product Management consultants provide the needed support to clients that help to reduce the time to market the product. Product development consultants engaged in providing various services such as product launching techniquies, detailed engineering services, product market strategy, financial product promotion strategy, product promotion services method and product design consultancy.

Photo Management System

The system is specially created to provide a simple solution to handle and manage online photo databank which stores images and data associated with images. The "Administrator" can upload multiple photographs into the databank, classify them into multi-hierarchical categories, and integrate range of information associated with each or a group of images. Each of the images can be viewed in three different set up like a thumbnail, enlarged photo and a part of slideshow.


  • Upload multiple photos and classify them into various groups
  • View photos as thumbnails, enlarged originals and slideshows
  • Publish chosen photos on Internet
  • Security and copyright issues considered
  • Manage visitor's request for original photographs

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